Club NV is the collaborative efforts between DJ Nader and “Digital” DJ Vic. Each Bringingtheir own original, unique sound to the table. Nader being from Los Angeles, California andVic from Brooklyn, New York. They both moved to Arizona a little over 20 years ago andthrough a twist of faith ended up in the same DJ booth at the same time. They foundthemselves mixing in and out of each others tracks creating a very soulful vibe in the club. Abit of the East coast meets West coast style of House music. Bringing the energy up anddown and taking the audience on a journey. Ever since then Nader & Vic have been bestfriends and have worked closely together. After taking some time away from the scene topursue “life” it didn’t take long before they found themselves ready to jump back into the thingthey both truly love doing. This time with more passion and bigger dream to take it to the nextlevel.