How to Listen to Music on School Computers

Nowadays there are so many new technologies that we can now access online music too. With so many websites providing online music, you can now listen to your favourite music anywhere. There are a number of unblocked music sites where you can listen to music.


Here we will list you some top unblocked music sites:


In PureVolume, you can actually find the music of all the genres which also includes some old tracks which have captured millions of people’s hearts. PureVolume is always up to date and has the most popular music of all time. You can also be able to search for your favorite music, albums, or even artists and even events too.



This unblocked music site is a place that used to broadcast and listen to all English radio according to your city. Fmflix’s functionality depends on the country contour because every person in the world cannot use it. In the top bar, enter your channel name and other details, and then click on the Search tab.

Now you reached your preferred station and after that snap on the search, icon button to stream your radio station at your school, college or office.


Playlistsound is one of the best unblocked music sites in schools, universities, and workplaces, allowing you to stream all the latest music online. Its user interface is very smooth and responsive. You can search for songs by artist, band, and song, but the premise is that you need to register on the website to play free music for free.


This unblocked music site is a free internet radio site which streams dozens of songs that are interesting and way too addictive. There are millions of songs that are available on Slacker. This site is also very simple to use. You can directly just visit their homepage and see a list of free stations to stream radios from.

Visit Slacker


This website is Google’s product and so it is not blocked by any school or college or any workplace. Honestly speaking, this is like one of my favorite websites to listen to music. Here you can get almost all the songs. There are many albums available on Google music too. Here is an option for a paid subscription which starts from $99.99 per month.

In this subscription, it allows you to get rid of the unwanted ads and unlock some more amazing features. But for other users, who don’t want to go for the paid subscription, a free subscription is available as well to enjoy free music.

Visit Google Play Music

6. BlueBeat

Bluebeat is another best unblocked music site that can play free music at no cost. It has an extensive free music library which includes a large number of 3D songs. You can easily switch between any type of tracks on this website and enjoy high-quality music. It also allows you to create playlists based on popular songs on the homepage.

7. SongArea

SongArea is one of the oldest free music websites to enjoy online music. On SongArea, you can find and download trending songs on the website at ease. The most stunning feature of this website is that when you hit your query for music search in the search bar it sorts all the playlists in alphabetical order.


FreeplayMusic keeps a proper place in the list of free unblocked music sites. I can say that it is the most significant place to listen to your to favorite radio station. It contains approx. 250 plus radio stations for their users.

According to reports, it is the most prominent radio station in the present world. You get free music on this site quickly.

9. Soundbound

Here you can get the music of your choice without any cost. Not only that it has a wide variety of music, audio tracks and sound effects for students.

This website provides perfect audio for PowerPoint presentations, web designing, video yearbooks, and any other visual media projects.

Visit Soundbound

10. Hungama

It is also one of the popular unblocked music station, which is also one of the most preferred stations in India. Here we can find Jazz, pop, hip-hop, romantic, rock, classical music, modern and western music. For the FM fans, it also provides radio music.

Visit Hungama

There are some other unblocked music website like Clearly drunk, MySpace Music, Rdio, TuneIn, Gaana, Playlist Sound, Jango, PureVolume so on, which you can visit and enjoy free music at School


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